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"Unlimited Possibility" (by Joe DiMino)

Of course, I realize,
I-the created out of You-
Any separation
Can only be one of perception;
A looking off…
My gaze,
The sleeping self
Breathing deep
The ether
Of its own ego-
Rising, enamored of its own mist-
Deep pools
We fondly call reflective,
Before what is needed-

I slowly awaken-
My sleep having been one
Less measured by time
And more by self-imposed space;
My persistent back and forth pacing,
To the path of You;
And now
That path I follow
The uncovering Light of You,
The nearer warmth
Of You…

Oh could I bridge that gap,
As Superman
In a single bound!
Burn away the dark
Between us
With the X-rays of my vision;
But it is more complicated
Than that-
Far more complex-
Foreign to me!-
Conditions I have placed
On Unconditional Love….

I am a man
Seeking the God of me-
Not for Omnipotence-
Essence is my spirit-
But to know surrender (release)
As given unto me
Unlimited possibility.

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