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"Voices"(by Sissy)

A thousand angry voices try to reach me
they tell me that it's time to stop and fight
I tell them this is all I've ever done here
but in THIS hell the timing isn't right
I'm changing as I stand here before you
The body stays the same...the spirit's gone
I warned them that their betrayal would destroy me
They didn't hear or I just took too long
I've lived a thousand years with angry voices
They all merge into one and it is mine
I look around and stumble through the darkness
I lost my way and now I've lost my mind
I grieve the road behind
It's all I can do
I tremble when I think of roads to come
The highway men will rob me of my senses
the minute I am free and start to run
I wrap around myself to stop the voices
they grow louder and my heart begins to pound
But soon I will be gone and they won't find me
I'll slip into the night without a sound