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Wake of the Wirelessman

by B.J.Clemons

Published by Glencannon Press


Quality paperback 266 pp

signed by author, $20 postage paid.


Wake of the Wirelessman is the true story of one of the first wireless operators. The stunning disaster of the Titanic in 1912, the outbreak of war in 1914, the sinking of the Lusitania heralded an era in which radio came into its own. Dale Clemons, wirelessman for the Marconi Company of America, sails on the SS Vigo, an aging merchant ship. Camouflaged as a Navy patrol vessel, the Vigo uses every trick in the book to survive. Across the Atlantic, through Gibraltar and into the Mediterranean, the ship dodges German raiders and torpedo attacks, only to find her most intractable enemy within her hull.


 ...a splendid history...that saw shipboard communications grow from signal flags and blinkers into radio waves that circled the world.

QCWA Journal


I strongly recommend Wake of the Wireless- man.It is one of the few books that success- fully communicates the joy and mystery of radio with a gripping, heartfelt story.



...a story full of adventure, excitement and the challenges of life...captures the human frustrations and jubilation of an young man alone at sea.

Live stream epic yarn...reads like fiction, and good fiction at that.

The Nautical Magazine