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 “We Danced”(by Joe DiMino)

We danced outside the music
Our finest steps
To the minstrels’ delight—
For they played
They played
They played—
Greater the joy—
Notes strayed:
Following us
Till the best ones
Gained flight;

The best ones
Barely tapping air,
Soon betwixt stars;
And there, winged seraphs—
With lutes and harps—
Tuned still higher
Levitating horns
And guitars—

Even the drummer

Having more to carry

Full set with cymbals
Felt lift—
And to his beating heart’s surprise
Thunder was his gift—

As they played
We danced
Then God took notice,
Adding to our mix
Some cherished bards—
Oh! Such a night
The universe recited
Several of her own

So they played
They played
We danced,
And to this day
Whenever music starts—
Despite our aching parts….
And feet, now adversary—
Away we dance
In our hearts….

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