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"What Do You Say To A Star?" by Joe DiMino

What do you say
To a star? Cliché’ like
“Light the way!” 
The customary wish,
For love and lots
Of cash?—speak
Until one’s words
Glazed over,
As heavens bright
Milky Way—
What do you say?
What do you say?
When your heart
Is aching
And your mind
Is breaking—
Best say
Nothing at all:
With your eyes
Count until
All utterance
Lost—a silent
A cinema classic—
We hear
With pictures:
The art of listening,
The art of loving—
The greatest expressions
Are those not said
In a fit of anger
To the dead
Those alive
But not really—
Greatest what
You don’t say
And love
Needs not
A name….

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