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"What Do You Say?" (by Joe DiMino)

What do you say?
To one who has loved his nation,
Cherished freedom…when fools
Of the day
Piss it all away?

Ignorance is only temporary bliss…
Your main body soon gutted
By a false-face
While feigning a kiss—

What do you say?
To our dead,
Named and unnamed,
On foreign soil around the globe;
In our Homeland
The known and unknown
On tombs on walls—
What to you tell them?
Their spirits no-longer able
To speak, having been protective of us all,
Their souls
Without a voice now
Left only to weep—what do you say?
To them, their proud families
Who have long
Held in esteem
Those departed brave and bold
Who went off to die
So that the USA Flag, a God-Light on earth
For generations to follow
Hopefully would fly—what do you say?
What could you say?—to comfort them,
Affirm in your gibberish voice
With abominable eye!

Freedom left to fools…

"A fool and his money
Are soon parted"—and fools
Too long unappreciative of freedom
Are soon made slaves;
What do you say?
To those who hug their children
Before bed,
Sign their names on documents unread--
Dotting sheep
To slaughter
By their own Pen led….

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