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"What Is Love?" (by Joe DiMino)

What is love?
Easier to define
What it is not--
What it cannot ever be,
A carbon of itself,
A stamp
That if not for wear
By restrictive definition would
Defy the truth
Of her sweetness-nature--She is always in change,
Never duplicating,
The love in soil
Into blossom,
To the heart-shape of our breathing,
Unfolding fragrance, that Divine scent of us,
The perennial spirit
Leading all form to flower
And mastery over seasons--

Love--and with True-love, peace,
Tranquility, the nest of Love;
The incorruptible
Ever evolving into view,
Of sight and sound,
Of adoring contrast all around,
The subtle scent
By which all parents know
Their own breathing in and out,
Of whose drift
All prospective lovers seek to inhale
The fluttering of a perfect calling,
Fragrance lingering in the air
After light-years of searching
Drawing near,
Man, woman and God
In truth combined--
Earth and nations of beings
In cooperation
Ruling over Time--

It can only be Love
From which comes more Love,
Never the same
And always sublime….

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