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"What shall I say of the earth?" by Joe DiMino

What shall I say of the earth?
And immoveable
When not inclined;
Oh! She will give up chucks:
Rearrange a few plates
Over the list of time—
But scorch a few,
Drown and carry away
Or simply hold back
To thirst as if prey—
Make high noon
An endless day
While the night withholds,
Draws back its dark
Subordinated to will—
Like it or not
Light often has
A glaring

But I have also
Tasted of succulent greens—
Dined on the newborn shoots
In my gut;
Surveyed the fields of me
The wild flowers—
In blossoms knee-deep
To my inner thighs
Followed the petal-gazes

Turning with the sun of me;

Tickling as a lover—
Their countless-dripping-sweet centers
Buttering my dark;
As star voyager
I've come to know
Distant, luminous dots
The near constellations of my soul

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