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"What's A Poet?" (by Joe DiMino)

What’s a poet?
Pinch of God’s this
Handful of that;
Some say I’m
From a bucket full,
My runny-brown-hat;

Oh! Please check your shoes—
I’m a bit lost today;

By the way, what’s a poet?
Strange sort
Thinks he’s God and the devil
At times
Works it kind-of-out
With prose and rhymes;
Makes these word-pictures,
Drench of syllables
Rich as glossy-paint—struggles for perfect English
But when brushed to corners
Relies heavily on ain’t;

By the way, has anyone seen my pencil?
It has lots of teeth-marks
An easer that wetly sparks—

So what is a poet?
Gushes of living and dying;
Something young
While something very old;
Someone laughable
Every family cherishes at least one
Hates theirs before done;
Poet—trickster, philosopher,
No matter which
Always real—
Always honest
The genuine ones—
Though sometimes afraid
Always overcoming
To feel—

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