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"When Evaluating Myself" (by Joe DiMino)

When evaluating myself
The inclination is to pose
In best light-
You know what I mean-
Shifting in the mirror
Just right; Hum! Where is
My best side today?
And if worse comes to worse,
There is always Photoshop-
The full version
In my case preferred;

How on earth
Did we ever image
Without computers?
I can go anywhere I want-
Be anybody or anything-
Or dissolve,
The sanctuary-Emptiness;
My hard-drive oblivious of bytes;
The magnetism called life
Sunken to a new low-
Negative charges-
Still-light, unexpressed…

Here, the unarticulated voice surfaces…
Portraits obscured and blurred-
Things I wish I knew
To share with my wife
At the end of the day,
Hung between silence
On the walls
Of my inner gallery-
Sights and sounds
Only understood by God-

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