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"When On In Years" by Joe DiMino

When on
in years,
the desert doesn’t seem
so inhospitable—

having learned to live
with less,
the bare necessities
an uncluttered comfort;

as for cacti,
by now needles are
old acquaintances—
to be avoided
when at all possible
while realizing
that they do
have their
prickly place
in the greater
health of schemes;

One can see for miles off,
no man-made structures
before sky and earth meet—

and if one
inclined toward believing
in a heaven
and the heat of hell,
this is a good place
to further ponder—

the distance between
dry, cracking of the land
can be likened to
looking back in time
over a life,

and vastness

with focus on 
a deeply
lit horizon

knowledge of the journey
has just begun….

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