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"Where Are You, My Love?" by Joe DiMino.

Where are you, my love?
If not for doubts
There would be no expectations;
For lack of these
All one feels expires
From now into forever-
Therefore I say,
Embrace that which we fear-
There are also our strengths;

And what of place?
None are so special
Without us;
But when we fill them all
Each and every one
Is a paradise-of-presence
And a waste despite their claims
If our absence or parting;
Therefore I say, cherish the near
As well as the far,
Leaving no share of the world
Outside of reach;

And what of time-the distance
Of the echo
Between the calling returned-
The parched cry of the earth
And then the storm's
Reply to her urgency;
So I ask you,
Why resent even one delay?
If not yet with love,
Then the expectation of love;
If not with presence of a place,
Then the dream of a heaven-
And if not eternity,
Then a timeless moment
Can be our always….

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