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"Where Did Love Begin?" by Joe DiMino.

Where did love begin?
I tell you true,
Love began with you.
How did I know?
Soft whisper
At the ear of my heart
Told me so;
Awakening heart
Let me know
Right from the start
Love began with you;
And then you said to me:
“Here I am—with all my heart
All my life just you”—and my heart

And when the heart knows
The spirit glows,
And the soul shows
New opening
For greater caring—
Whiter gleams
With a brand new seam
Of silk threads
For closeness sharing;
For that is how love should be,
One soul one heart,
Never bits of rationing—
Never time of day,
Always welcoming
In spite of reason
Never looking away—
So where does love begin?
Love begins wherever whenever—
I think of you
With clear thought of only you,
Love is always

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