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"Where Does Love Begin" (by Joe DiMino)

Where does love begin?
Perhaps to say,
Does the rainbow rise
And set in earth
Or a round, just temporarily
Lost from sight?—
Sort of like the sun
Behind the clouds;
Or seeming like distant relations,
Those evasive fireflies
Playing hide-and-seek
With the heart,
In and out
Of thickets of night—

And who in all honesty can say
That love must be light—
Should we believe those sellers of candles?—
Those power-plants dotting the sky with ash,
Hot strings of wires
Decapitating the dove
As well as the buzzard—

I say, give each
The right
To make whether
Elixir or poison—
(Pure enough)
No greater
Needed Sanctity
If the heart
Its own destiny….

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