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"Whimsically Absurd" (by Joe DiMino)

I selfishly entered life
A soloist—quite loud
I am told;
Wanting the spot on me;
Early weeping greatly out of tune—
When later dancing
Quantum leaps
Like the cow
Often a dread of
The moon—

Perhaps born of art?
Incantation above
I drank of the potion?
Then erupted down
Expelling untraditional notion:
For pattern-thinking
Little more than mimicking—
But to liberate form and syllables,
Amaze without sync,
Discard overripe words
Leaving only
Sobering stink—
I do not feel less masculine
When having an urge
As my Father
To paint a steel-blue-sky
A lovely shade of
Ballerina pink;

I pray the Dove
Descend on me

When rhyming bring Tongues
Of poetry; when singing—
Voice only wet and tingly
As deep forest waterfalls—
After all is said,
Out of my head;

Such fine marquee
To imagine!

Having drawn of
A new ladle full
I carry to my lips
Often chaffed
To literally bled
Novel sips
To entertain
Perhaps wed;


To say I seek
More poem
To write,
Is to stamp dead soul
On my page;

Go back to ink
Reject my blood—

Take heart
Out of love…

Wither in a cage—

Free am I
When less
Less inclusive;

By faith I thus decree,
Faith is never knowing—
To Be
Enough sense of eternity

Syntax must relax—

Even none at all
Can be better

Is ossification

Speaking less
When semantically heard

In life
Can flourish
Some best
Intelligent word

The best
Of mine
Monuments of
The Whimsically Absurd—

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