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 “Who's To Say”(by Joe DiMino)

Who’s to say
Where love begins?
And when?—
Surely, love
Could not say;
For love
Seems always been:
While some hearts
Go astray
Other hearts
Draw nearer—
Before the first dawn,
Before the first drop of sea—
And when new blossom
Showed its smile
Upon the vine,
And the leaf
Graced first
The green barren tree
Love seemed there, then,
Before, and on
So, who’s say?
For all to hear
and see,
Each supporting drop
In the greater sea;
All the forests of green;
A deluge of leaves
By the autumn set free;
Dare the earth speak
Outside its frost?
Safely confess
That no dear scent
And color is lost—
Or saving that revelation
For the voice of spring
Who reveals everyone
Yet keeps secret
One breathing warmth
Of thing—
If not for love alone,
What else can say?

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