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"Why Do I Love Me?" by Joe DiMino

Why do I love me?
Let me count my ways;

I love me
Because I just can

Take me as I am;

Not get a DUI
In the house
If one too many libations
Of the non-medicinal kind

Not be crucified for that drink—

Be forced to wash
The morning after
Thus interfering with a well earned,
Naturally enjoyable

Why do I love me?

For my unpretentious good humor,
Unanimous fan of my eclectic-own-bad-jokes—

No hooks here
Because of a price;

If boos
They are freely absorbed by the house,

All the laughter
All the moans
The unprofessional stories
Unequivocally the best,

The same for my poetry—unstructured
And by my highest blessed;

As I said, why do I love me?
Most of all because I have learned to forgive
All my many faults that have their places
But truly not to be made light of
Other than in jest—
Learned to forgive myself
And therefore you,
Learned to love me
And therefore thee

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