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"Whys And Hows" (by Joe DiMino)

I seldom take Why and How seriously anymore;
As Shakespeare said, it is all theater
(Light-theater, except for the wars--natural and manmade,
local and international);
The Why, on a well-lit marquee for alliteration,
Is a simple V, with a backslash-tail going off to the left
Where most of the manikins sit
Right from the stage--

If you still need them,
All Hows can be found in books by the dozens 
(no reason for committing them to memory);
And when not found
Then they are really Ys--
The Hs and Os and Ws (Shows)
When solved from the jumble,
Leftover S, a laughing snake--

The house-lights 
Turned up full…

Each of the players set upon a mark;
Some in costume with masks,
And some in birthday of their own--
Awaiting boos
Or applauds--

The curtain again rises…

But all we hear is silence,
The audience still--
In wax of make-believe awe....