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“Winter Again”(by Joe DiMino)

It is winter again
Rolled around
Another season—
Actually slid in:
Spring and autumn
More the rollers,
Summer and winter
Too hot or too cold
Often the demarcation
Like love and hate
Depending on the wardrobe
Or lack of
And company….
The nights somewhat longer—
That can be a good thing;
And the day’s shortened—
One could not tell
By labor,

But by time of dreaming,
They are more
And out the window
Dressing skeletons with leaves
And pale fields
With fresh color and blossoms—
Winter is occasion for self sufficiency
Where one reconnects
With the things that really matter

The seasons will always be
And doubtful
They will mourn
A single one of us
Whether gone to Hell
Hades or God….

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