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"Wired an Ascension" (by Joe DiMino)

How did the breeze
Then become a wind?—
This stirring of air
Perhaps first an emotion
Of God with his man—
And then the stirring
Of both began:
Somewhere in dark sea
Maybe yet unnamed
To be space,
Precisely, Beyond greatly,
An Unknowable (more
Misty place)
Where stirring is even
Stranger to itself—
Somewhere on cloudy
Intangible shelf,
The closet God keeps
Wisely sealed from Himself—
His Own Novel
Until living biography—

And then the wind
Became a storm,
From somewhere first
Outside of form—
A universe began,
God moving
Toward His creating man;
(From explosive chaos
Comes worlds
With fields and cities—
Of triumphs and pities—
Comes destiny
Truly never planned,
The wind
By both God
And man really, bravely,
Freely fanned)

So I chase storms,
My eye on funnels—
Sensing affinity
To being of
Endless tunnels,
Vortexes drawn into
Spit out of
Or electrified dropped from—
Tumultuous funnels—
Always surprised at the sky
Through which I now fall
Magnetically living or dying
For the good
And bad of it all,

Somehow, no matter—
We are wired together
An ascension….

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