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"Writing Reading Dumping" by Joe DiMino.

Writing, reading, and dumping;
Dumping while writing and reading—
Trashing before dumping;
While trashing dumping—
Never trashing
Even when dumping;
What we call trash
Fertilizer for something
Leading to fruit
For new dumping—
Our association
One of editing poetry—
Some dumping
Some trashing,
Becoming fertilizer
For some species of new ripe—
I recall the blossoms
Most all,
The sun on them before picking
The singular blooms
That came before maturity—
Words carted to penning
And then pruning;
The inspiration in its
Uncorrupted, undigested state
Of perfect being—having just become,
Just formed and not yet
Left for the processor
For further pruning
From something hardly mortal
I once adorned while imaging—
Before leaving the divine
To write my
Usual leftovers—

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