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"You Are The Glass" by Joe DiMino

You are the glass,
I Am the wine,
You are created,
I Am Divine.

Once worlds apart,
Into your deep universe
I now pour,
You I created,
You I adore.

In Me you become,
My very best-
Long before you
Having separated the rest-
I Am the Host,
You, My infinite guest,
To live is to prosper,
Immortally blessed.

You are My child,
What more can I say,
Having chosen you
From all My Array-
Sons and daughters
Vessels of Mine,
You are the glass,
I Am the wine.

Drink hardy of Me-
Have no fear-
Challenge the dark,
Rejoice in the clear-
And when engulfed,
Suffocating your night,
Ask more of Me-
Breathe out the light….