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"You Just Don't Get It" by Joe DiMino.

You just don’t get it;
Your cries of racism,
Political bickering
Are fooling no one—
In fact, compelling us
To unite
With even stronger emphasis
On individual freedoms—

Our pioneer spirit
Sings a freedom-anthem—
Composition of American

Same God-given-spirit
Running through our veins
Is in our Nation’s soil,
Divine Freedom-essence first
Called men to dream
And then to cross the ice
For fertile destiny—

People determined
To live in society
Free from the heavy-handed rule of a monarchy —
Willing to risk
Their entire volume of blood
For a chance at

Spirit flow
Demanding Freedom-direction—
As that of
The clear flowing rivers
In a virgin apolitical landscape—

Hear the voice of liberty
In the lone wolf’s
Proud cry!

See the sweeping panorama
As that of eagle-wings
Always inclined
To even greater loft—

The same spirit
That untarnished its soul
By correcting the ills of slavery
Now rallies itself again
Before bondage—
Alerted to Marist dictatorship
As you would have it—

It is a good fire
In the hearts of men
And women brave enough
To govern in heat
Of Self-determination;

A burning desire
That drew to these shores
The best of
All nations—

Rare individuals harkening more
To the dictates of a deeply felt Freedom-soul
Than those of surface physical-being—

Brave men and women
Putting all on the line
And at risk—
Faith in their own hands
And more important
The love and divine protection
Of their just God;

A free-spirit now enraged
By a Congress entrusted
Hell-bent by their handful
To usurp a people of millions
For tyrannical rule—

I think of the bully
In the schoolyard—
Finally turned on
By the timid little ones
Having had enough
Of giving up
Their coins while stifling their pride;

Recall what my father
And mother had told me
About the one way
To deal with a bully—

It takes will with courage
To affirm one’s God-given rights,
A lesson hard-fought
And at last achieved
In the Freedom-playground;

It is the living matrix
Of our Divine-inspired Constitution
That gives citizens
The right to assemble
In protest against
Them that would distort
In fact
Trample on the rights of others
For self aggrandizement;

For all to shout-out,
While marching in lock-step
If necessary—
Sound loudly their freedom-call
Harmonious in purpose as well as voice—
The right to live without fear
Of persecution
From an oppressive regime—
Hearts and souls
Of a people hungering to restore the
Right to govern themselves
Free from tyranny—

A God-given right
Demanding that they take action against
Those that would bully the weak
Into meek submission;

Provision to do so
Spelled-out firmly in our
Nation’s Freedom-document—

Written by our PATRIOT founding fathers

With emboss
Of the only one
In whom we fully trust
For lasting security and freedom—God!

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