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"You Remain Out Of Reach"(by Joe DiMino)

You remain out of reach,
Always ahead of me—
You, whom I love so dearly;
In my dreams and in my prayers
Seek to express the Light of Your love—
In shadows of my evolving awareness
Stumble to grasp Your Infinite Beauty, 
Close mental fingers of retention,
My hand back to clay
Sculpted to Your never ending contours,
Transfigured from a world of physical steel,
By new alchemy—that of Spirit-fire.

How deeply can I impress upon You
My sense of loss by distance—
Kept from You by Your own gift,
These relentless waters
The salt of which eats my oars,
Currents splinter my bow,
Stretch and compress my putty nature
With each new ebb and tide;
Part of me possessed by the miracle
While more of me
Is willing to forfeit the entire experience
Wanting only to return and abide 
In Your Tranquil Sea Of Love—

I am Your precious offspring I know—
But too often feel the dove
Pushed from his cozy nest,
And does not see behind
The parent’s stern face—
Is turned quickly toward the chasm before him,
Fearful, trusting only the miracle of flight
From afar,
Having been warned by the chilling shadow
Of a hawk’s wings…

I have no doubt of Your Love—
Each of Your children Your one-and-only;
Yourself willfully lost in Your Creation— 
The essence of Your Great Love
To give—and then give more;
Your lessening the spirit of increase, our miracle of eternal life—
Our lesson one of transformation of self by release;
Relinquishing all so that all may be gained.
You abandon Yourself for our Light—
Indwelling substance of Your Immortal Being
Turned outward…
Our eyes Your eyes—
Your expression 
Limited only by our skewed vision—
The resurrection of fluid patterns of substance
And hue not found within the border of mortal imagination
But in the ever-expanding consciousness of endless Recreation—the Great I Am.