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"Your Heart Cries out" (by Joe DiMino)

Though your heart cries out to me,
I cannot promise forever;
Souls seem to be timed
In flesh—
The heart with love
Also a mechanical ticker;

And as to where else
The spirit travels,
I cannot say
But have vague sense of
So I go to my books,
And then to faith—
Not entirely blind
But somewhat obscured by human eyes
That must see to touch
And then feel
That which is real
Often confounded by illusion;
And the rest I must only imagine,
What kind of life with love
After death;

I wish not a plane
Purely love-universal,
The personal gone:
Sad if we should be so absorbed,
Even if by some great
Cosmic joy,
When many, like ourselves, whom I know,
Simply satisfied human, who love dearly and deeply
Would trade all of heaven
For little more than eternity
With his or her special

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