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By: nomad soul


I often feel like I'm a flower
Seeking an opening to light
If only I could raise my hands
And grasp a golden grain of sun!
How beautiful would that be
Touching our dreams like they were leaves
Living our lives without needs
Seeking an opening at east
Sailing with sails made of void.

Is our life but a glimpse
In the kaleidoscope of fortune?

We find ourselves lost in the ocean
Of what we use to think as real
But our fear of what we feel
That may be near, very near
Or very far away from here
Makes us believe in what is true
For all the people who can hear
The melody of the magic flute
That hypnotizes us all
And makes us think that it is real
Only what sounds very clear.

Thus we assume that what is silent
Or speaks a different kind of dialect
Is either dead or violent.

Why should an ant feel less alive than a man?
Life grows stronger every day
The smallest flower can blossom on a rock
The largest mountain can't beat the wave.