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Cave Man

Theres a hole punctured through me.
Water's leaking in.
I'm sinking- drowning.
A tear in my sock.
My toe peeks through,
It's spying on you.
A rip in my flesh,
My blood pours out,
I don't know how to ask for help.
An opening to my heart,
A cave in which you once hid.
Painting pictures of ourselves,
Naked on my soul.
Our love is reminiscient in this deep burrow.

Written by Jessie Van egmond



Glitter Glue

Sometimes, if I close my eyes
And tilt my head into a bright light,
I travel.
I imagine I am in heaven.
Everything is just a white blur.
It's so pure.
Everything I'm not.

I often wonder if people can see,
The sadness in my eyes.
I can feel it.
Stinging like vinegar poured into them.
They sting so badly I can't even cry.
I can't see through these tears I'm holding back.
I dare not blink,
For my world will drip out.

Written by Jessie Van egmond



Photo Album

The picture frame reads.
Below it are the photos of my old friends.
Snuggled in between shiny bits of metal.
Metal can make scissors.
Scissors cut me open.
Scissors will set me free of this,
Cause' I can chop away my memories.
I divide each photo into squares.
I'll forget they were ever there.
You all away from me.
Shredded bits of colour,
Once was you,
Now is me.

Written by Jessie Van Egmond



the girl with the most cake

I feel like I'm in an endless hospital.
Emergency room.
People rushing around
Trying to finish what's on their plate.
Trying to play their cards just right.
They're all dying,
Gasping for life
Like a fish,
Wiggling in my palm.
No hope.

Hungry animals
For their whole lives.
They're hungry.
We never stop!
We all want love, money, fufillment.
They'll never stop being hungry.
>From the moment we're born in that hospital
To the moment we die in it,
We're starving.
I watch,
I see the people
I watch as they nibble on each other,
Trying to get full.
Your mom not feed you enough?
Everyone is skinny these days.
We're all a fire,
As time goes on you have to feed the fire.
If not, it dies.
Withering flowers
Fading light
Invisible life.

Written by Jessie Van Egmond