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"A Little Stray Kitten" (by Joe DiMino)

A little stray kitten
Wound round my legs—
Her circles pure delight
As I sat on my patio,
The existence of God…
Whether snowflakes
Are measurably different
Or enough alike
To be called all the same—
Wondered if Honey Frosted Flakes
Just taste good
Or in fact
Can restore lost hair?

As I said,
A stray kitten wound round my legs—

Of course I fed her,
Responding to the stray
In me; often having felt oddly disconnected
From the nurturing packs—
While still infested with fleas,
The metropolitan equivalent
To leeches—

As I said, perhaps didn’t make clear yet,
I have found some strays
My best best-friends
Having arrived this way—
A few outstanding lovers;
And the most precious
Of my knowledge—,
That true treasures
Are priceless,
Often having come into my life
Over the tallest fences—

Or were just there
For no other reason—

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