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Prayer "For World Peace"

Peace is the manifestation of the will, wisdom and love of God in the world.


In the Name of our Heavenly Father, the God of peace,

In the Name of the Christ, the Spirit of Peace,

And in the Name of the Holy Spirit, the Mind of Peace,

We realize now peace infinite, peace transmuting,

peace eternal,

Throughout the world, now and forever.

(by Hanna Jacob Doumette)


Tired of the same old greeting cards? We have something different...something unique in the way of greetings.

Here you will find none of those trite sayings, but true inspirational poetry touching the heart and soul in a very special way. Our cards can be sent all year round, to share with someone a beautifully expressed profound thought or feeling....

(Quotes) Thought for the day:

1: "Children do have a way of bringing us back into focus, usually throwing a slow curve that ends up being a strike to the heart of the matter. Some large lessons of love have come to me from much smaller sizes than myself."

2: "Love is such a wondrous joy—at times even a beautiful tragedy when the good is all that is recalled. Regardless, Love is always love,—omnipotent and immortal."

3: "like I keep trying to tell my cats, all is not tabby-treats and refreshing (I guess) toilet-water."

4: "The all-seeing eye of the heart if allowed to open will always see love first."

5: "Love is patient...quietly waiting to show despite our rejection—abiding in silence as ordered until our cloaking lifted for release and full expression. What joy that moment of uncovering—the heart purely exposed, our greatest lamp."

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Poetry by Joe DiMino who retains all rights

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(Poets' Corner)

"When thinking of the heart broken, sometimes I feel quite old, having lived such suffering, realizing the heart’s special pain one never shakes loose of entirely. And then also feel young, thinking of new stars, and how the failure of one relationship can be the foundation for the birth of another, lessons learned the transformative light for love ever-more complete and satisfying." (by Joe DiMino)


"Divine Intimacy" by Joe DiMino

Love, now
With the end nearing
Of this dated form
Called mine,
You increase! (Your blessed
Virus taking firmer hold);

Ah! If all the countless
Ails of this world were
So dear…and the many
Abrasions so warmly salved
As by Your gracing,

Then would the naysayer
(Dissenter from God and faith)
Say, You, Love, are greater,

And, apparently, greater still
Even in death—

But, alas, one cannot tell
Such an intimate as ours
Divine; for such intimacy
Is impossible by design
And to the doubtful
Without his or her hand
In the wound
One cannot begin
To define…

"This Tear" (by Joe DiMino)

This tear I cry
It is not just for me
For this tear I do not
Shed but release
And that which we release
Is a freedom shared
Forgiveness travels
An eternity….

"No image leaves us entirely…once it has been seen and loved…." (by Joe DiMino)


"Transformed Heart" by Joe DiMino

It is the world
That declares
The elements
Of beauty—
While God sees
The deeper parts;
Obvious measures
Are little more
Than surface charts—
If one to know
The pure nature of beauty
Where to first step
Or from which port to part
It is the path of love
And the vessel
A transformed heart

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1: Deanna's World:

Original thought and poetry...truly inspirational...


2: Coffeebreak Thrillers -classic horror and fantasy...


3: Sefler writes beautiful
Metaphysical Poetry...uplifting and enlightening!


"Land Of Beginnings"(205 pages) by Joe DiMino.

("If your tastes in literature are more classic in nature: the likes of The Chronicles Of Narnia and the Hobbit, "Land Of Beginnings" will enchant you from start to thrilling finish!"--Review by "Phoenix Authors' Voice.")
"Land of Beginnings"



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The Authors Of The American Constitution (By Hanna Jacob Doumette)

Through divine destiny the American nation was created. It assembled from all over the earth to make a new world. Moved by irresistible inner power, peoples of adventure, high ambitions and pioneering instincts migrated from the old world to the new, to begin to live again. They left their countries and homes in pursuit of happiness, liberty, equality, enterprise and peace.
The American nation was born, and the world was born again. The American nation was destined to create a new race that must give birth to a New Age, the cradle of physical, mental and spiritual liberty.
Great leaders, animated with the American Spirit, and illumined with the light of faith, justice, integrity and brotherhood answered the call of humanity. They lived and loved the spirit of freedom, equality, goodness and altruism. They believed in the divine right, spiritual liberty and well-being of man to which they consecrated their lives.
Newness of life, religious freedom, liberty, progress and enterprise lived in their hearts, flooded their minds and charged their consciousness, powers that they sought to establish under the sun. They carved a new nation into the human kingdom, a nation to bear the banner of faith in God, religious independence, justice and the individual's divine right to victory.
They denied themselves every comfort to make the American Kingdom a civilization of the ideal--the Christian. Their faith, devotion, trust in the Almighty and conscientious endeavors released the White Flame, the cosmic energy, in their beings. They ignited a celestial fire that no force can quench. They unbridled the celestial flame that leaps eternally in the name of truth, righteousness, and well-being.
They inscribed and witnessed a Constitution based on the spirituality and divine rights of man and directed his consciousness to the Divine within. It was the inspiration and translation of the truth, life, reality and cosmic laws and principals that they turned upon during their heartfelt meditation and cosmic communion with the creator.
A sublime and undying Constitution was born to become the power, standard, law, order and method of the great and greatly destined nation. It was received by their spiritual consciousness, and it registered in their minds, entered their souls, filled their lives, before it was spoken audibly. In the sphere of their intelligences, they transferred principals to laws, and spiritual visions to outer realities, and they established the spiritual foundation for the cosmic structure of a free, practical and idealistic civilization--a civilization of brotherhood and liberty, which they cherished and for which they lived and gave all.

A Great website honoring USA Patriotism:

"Code Talkers" by Joe DiMino

My soul rejoices
For its metaphors,
Those pure and mixed;

Transforms symbols,
Veiled into Light--

We are literary:

Our stories, lives,

Encrypted by the Maker,
Deciphered by
Men and women
With ears to the earth
And eyes to the sky--

They have never forgotten
The Great Plains--
Its deep thunder of buffalo;
One with brother eagle
Respectful of thermals
And winds
Shared a treasured high

The unbreakable code
A language of Spirit--


A Prayer for National Blessing and for Members Of Our Armed Forces by Hanna Jacob Doumette

Holy Father, Divine and eternal, we enter into the depth of our consciousness now
to meditate upon peace in the world, in the nations and in the heart of man.
Holy and beloved Father, in Thy Name and in the Name of the Christ, our Lord, we
bless this country today with the Spirit of Christ, with the spirit of protection and triumph, with the spirit of the Glory of God made manifest in man.
We bless the President of the United States of America. We bless all the leaders of this glorious race, and we realize the presence of the Holy Spirit with us. We realize our victory supreme. We realize the victory of Truth, spiritual liberty and absolute justice.
May the wings of the Almighty God hover over our country. May the will of God deliver us from evil. May the mind of God lead us on the path of righteousness, triumph and liberty.
We pray for our soldiers; we pray for those who are on the land. May the God of earth be with them, be their Heavenly Father and Protector, the mighty one within them.
We pray for those who are on the seas; may Divine Soul, the Universal Soul, deliver them from evil, protect them, be with them, see to their safety, and give them triumph, the triumph of the Children of Light.
We pray for those who ride the air; may the Universal Spirit, the God of spirituality, of celestial realms and liberty, bless them, be their Guardian, their Protector. Bless them with safety, with supremacy of consciousness and with well being.
In Thy Name we bless the world today, realizing the peace of God. We are blessed now with Divine Presence, with the presence of the Christ, our Lord.
To God, our Father, be glory and dominion, now and forever--Amen.



If yoga is your inspiration...a definitive site is:


Rama Publications by Studio Editions...a must stop for anyone interested in writing or theater:



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Two charming Christmas stories to read to your children for the holiday.

"The Angel Who Lost Her Tree" by Joe DiMino who retains all rights.

Celeste was a pretty little angel. Everyone in Heaven loved her. She had the most charming wings, and rainbow halo; however, she had the forgetful habit of loosing things. When put in charge of clouds, a responsible position for all the flowers depended on the rain, she seemed to always misplace a few—dropping them between mountains making for foggy valleys; and even when rain fell from the clouds that Celeste was to oversee, several drops never made their way to the ground to nourish the crops in the fields and fruit trees, and no-one could ever find them no matter where they looked. But she was still loved, for that is Heaven’s way. And God often reminded the other angels, that they must care for one another, just as they care for all the children in the world; watching over them as they sleep, and staying close, protecting them throughout the day while at school and later at play. So God’s response to the angels who thought Celeste was not of the highest rank was to give Celeste a very special responsibility—she would have her own Christmas tree.

Now as you know—or perhaps you don’t know so let me briefly explain: Some pine trees are blessed to be very special trees, with the greatest honor—that of becoming a season’s Christmas tree. They had to be just the right height, and grow no taller, for every family had their prayer order. They had to have just the right shape, and holiday green—with all of winter’s charming pine-fragrance, ultra frosting for just the right gleam. And that was the dilemma—Celeste had gotten separated from her tree.

As you know, or perhaps don’t know, so I will briefly explain—very briefly, for Christmas is only days away. What would a tree do without its angel atop? So sad if not one to hear children’s prayers and wishes; to bless the lights, the silver tinsel and charming decorations—all made with love, watched over by Guardians high above. Yes, what would Celeste’s tree do if the top were bare, without her angel’s care? She was frantic, and searched the forest, thinking perhaps it had not yet been cut. She tried the many parking lots and corners, where trees had gathered—already having been sorted, proudly waiting to be picked-up by their rightful owners. But Celeste could not find hers. She began to weep—her tears growing cold and changing to snow. Of course, though Celeste did not know it at the time, this was good; the children having all wished for snow on Christmas, and till then there had not fell a single flake; not one snowball any child was able to make. Soon the entire city was covered in Christmas-white—with snow reflecting all the many colored lights. Celeste grew sadder—which was good, for her tree heard her weep; and as everyone knows—or perhaps you don’t know, so I will briefly assure you, that Christmas trees never sleep. Though you don’t see them, they have ears and eyes way up above; seeing all and hearing all, ready to respond with love. Eyes of the many angels are seen as a sky of Christmas lights. Ears are the countless hosts of Heaven, as many as needed—always listening, at least two hearing every prayer, applauding every hymn celebrating Christmas nights. We celebrate Christmas nights as we do the joyful Eves and Days. The earth blessed by God with never-ending mirth when our greatest worth acknowledged is that of Jesus’ holy birth. Celeste’s tree grew ever greener and brighter—till Celeste could not help but notice such outpouring of light. Celeste found her tree; and I do believe it could very well be your tree? “A Merry Christmas to all—and to all a good night.”


"Poe's Christmas" by Joe DiMino who retains all rights

The family collie, Me-too, was best buddy to Purr-a-lot, the family cat; and they both liked the old raven, Poe—named after a famous poet. Poe had broken his wing, and the Kellys had taken him in, caring for him till it had mended and he was ready again to fly. But Poe decided he would stay; which the Kellys seemed to think a perfectly novel idea. I mean, how many families had a resident raven?—especially one intelligent as Poe who knew exactly how to say “Thank you.” They were a kind family, and did not startle him like other humans. There was Father Carl, Mother Emma, and the two children, 7 year old Sarah and 5 year old Peter. In such a brief time, Poe had become fond of them all—especially Me-Too and Purr-a-lot. And that was Poe’s dilemma. Christmas was tomorrow, and Poe had flown all over the neighborhood trying to find suitable gifts; but the trees were bare, for it was winter, with no fruit to be gathered for a basket. And the flowers had long withered from the cold. Poe wanted so to give Purr-a-lot a red rose for her shinny rhinestone collar. He adored Purr-a-lot, her white fur was always soft and clean, and she would often let him snuggle to keep warm. He thought she must be the fluffiest cat in the entire world. But from him there would be no fruit basket for the Kellys, and no flower for Purr-a-lot’s collar. As for Me-too, Poe had hoped to find him a juicy steak bone. Me-too loved bones—just the mere mention got his tail wagging like a motor. And he had the whitest teeth, and would give you the biggest and brightest dog smile one could imagine—wide enough to make a Raven’s wings happily flutter. But with all the new fangled garbage cans, with those special lids to keep out varmints—what a horrible word he thought—he found them impossible to open—Poe having been in the past always a conscientious recycler when it came to good garbage. Why it would take a master burglar to open one Poe frowned (if you can imagine a Raven’s frown). At times like these he wished he had been born a raccoon, experts at getting in and out of most anything.

He sadly flew to his perch, on a stand alongside the Christmas tree. Everyone had gone to bed, but the lights were left on seeing how it was Christmas Eve and Santa would need to see as he went about his favorite chore—giving. Poe recalled the story Father Carl had told the children before sending them off to bed: He thought of Rudolf leading Santa’s sleigh, full of presents. He thought of the proud deer’s shinny bright nose. What made it glow so? And how could reindeers fly without wings? For all the children to have their special gifts, the ones that could only come from Santa, he thought it must take many trips. He wondered how did Mrs. and Mr. Santa Clause and the elves manage it all?—every year finishing by Christmas Eve, having all the gifts wrapped and ready to deliver. If he had thought of Christmas sooner, he wondered, would he have perhaps found gifts for his friends? Most of all, he thought—perhaps the spirit of giving should be every day of the year, for even the thought made him feel good? He fell asleep and soon dreamed of the angel atop the tree. The angel asked Poe, why so sad? And he explained that he did not have gifts for his friends. She smiled—waved her wand and three more gifts were beneath the tree. She said, little raven wishes are free—and if one dare wish something really big, unselfish and good, perhaps the world will take notice. The children entered the room all excited and thrilled. Poe wondered if he was still asleep?—for the last three gifts opened were: a fruit basket for the Kellys—a rose for Purr-a-lot’s collar—and hugest bone one could image for Me-too. Oh—and there was another gift Poe had not seen, hidden behind the others. With the warmest smile, it was handed to him by Emma. Poe used his beak to pull off the ribbon…and then with the help of his long toes hastened to separate the paper. It was a ring of seeds, a gift he wanted but with all the worry had forgotten to ask of the angel something for himself. Poe looked up, and there was the angel atop the tree—glittering—and most would think, though lovely, only a proper ornament. However Poe knew different. While wanting to say more, he knew only how to say—Thank you. So he did just that, said “Thank you”; but the angel, he sensed, knew everything else that was in his heart.

(A thought for Christian Grade-School teachers: these would make lovely stories for your children to illustrate and then make into a book let as a class project for the holidays--have each child sign his or her name on their drawing. If you wish to do this, you have my permission. Joe DiMino/author)

"Little Light Beloved" by Joe DiMino

Oh little light
Oh little light
Little Light Beloved—
Light of the Father’s Son,
Abide in us
Sacred Heart of caring
Soon, Thy victory won;

Though troubled times
Brightening trace
Little Light of
Enlightening grace
We carry Thee in our blood
As our core
Through every bone,
Evident in our eyes
Joy of the heart
Your treasure is love
Our gift for the sharing;
Dispelling the Devil’s lies
His soulless, selfish glaring
Your Christ presence
Father’s Sacred Vessel
Our Morning Star
A Flawless Seed
From Heaven healing bearing

Wherever Thou are
We go—
Following Thy blessed glow;
Wherever a Cross
Planted we sow;
From out of earth’s dark
Yet fertile soil will grow
Your Kingdom, all Light
To eternally flow
Heaven’s tenders of the garden
Children to enlighten
As a new humanity
Come to the garden
To cherish and know
Light of the Christ Star
Wherever love
Forever there You are
Father’s Blazing Sun
No longer divided
Heaven and earth one
Thy Kingdom Come!
Thy Kingdom Come!

"The Nicest Present" (by Joe DiMino)

The nicest present
Under the tree
Is the Christ of God
Offering His Salvation
With love for eternity—
The nicest gift
Given back to God
Is the Christ of God
Embraced by all man—


"God's Song" (by Joe DiMino)

It is God’s Song
The baby sparrow
From his broken shell calling;
God’s Song—
The infant
At his mother’s breast
Angel’ harps
Between blossoms
Golden stringing, playing—
The apples patiently listening
Waiting to sing along
With God in tone
His green
To ripening song—

God’s Song
By Him Alone—


"Little Light from Above" (by Joe DiMino)

Little Light from above
Came down so earth
Could cradle God’s love—
Infant Divine;

Little Light from above
Man saw for himself
God in his image—
Made conscious
Of the Spirit Christ
Awakened his new body

Transformed by Light
The name of Jesus
Made bright
As that of the Father;
Made radiant
As that of the Mother—
For love is
The Sun/Son of us all.


"LIGHT"(Author: Joe DiMino)

How alive the light appears--
bending with the water--
sliding from points of crests;
making one wonder
if light is only above
or somewhere in depth of sea
a spirit spark swells
until it can do but one thing-surface!
This is not morning sun rising;
or moon or starlight
tempting one to dream--
it is the light that men follow...
even onto the cross...


"Love, the Ultimate Elevator" (author, Joe DiMino)

One does not get to heaven
By works alone, I have heard;
But by faith
According to priests interpretation
Of The word;

Yet, I dare say
In truth
The ultimate elevator
Is love—

And not one syllable
Without it

Read or uttered

Lifts man and his earth
To greater experience
As that above….


"Liberated Soul" by Joe DiMino

“To see the soul’s light
When the dark smudges
Lifted away,
With love always there
Unfettered now freed to ray
Divine emancipation…”


"Death?--I Think Not" (by Joe DiMino)

Death?—I think not;
Deriving from
The rising smoke
A spirit sense:
Ashes settle…
But some would
Rightfully say,
These are only
Flames at rest—
A preparation
Of new light.


"Metaphysically Speaking" (by Joe DiMino)


Space—God’s body the invisible;

Time—God’s receptacle not exclusive;

Creation—God’s body the formative;

Christ—man’s freedom and dominion;

Karma—Cause-and-effect, also known as the Law...



On Grieving (by Joe DiMino)

Need I dwell
Where the last
Dream fell
And live the
Pain twice…

Nay! To your
Fastidious guilt;

Spooning doses
Of Castor oil
While denying

Think not
That I love less
For refusing
To grieve—
When care
I more
Than self
To wear a
Smiley Face
Thus ease
The parting
Of a blameless


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