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One of the most complete and fascinating theories thus far put forth. "Unified Theory"

(1):Unified Theory: (10/20/2001) (By Joe DiMino who retains all rights) When I first published this paper some years back, few people if any at all were talking about matter (vibration, the signature of energy) escaping from a Black Hole and Black Holes being at the center of all major galaxies, yet these then proposed theories have now become accepted science. There is much more in Unified Theory. I would welcome your comments and be happy to respond if asked.

(2): (by Joe DiMino 1/30/09) Space is not expanding. The visible universe is finite. Our 4 dimensional experience of the universe is finite. However, Creation is indeed infinite. There are infinite dimensions beyond the 10 that some String Theory advocates suggest. As galaxies speed off into space they are never out of touch with the fabric of Space-and-time (all existence is part of a continuity). There is ongoing friction between the two. As stated in Unified Theory, particles do not exist—what we perceive as particles (baryons, mesons etc.) are the crests of waves (splashes, collisions) in a sea of continuity. As an object increases in speed, due to friction with the fabric of Space-and-time, its form changes more towards that of pure energy. From pure potential to pure energy. Pure potential is the fabric of Space-and-time. As for Space-and-time, due to the motion of the object it is also stimulated and becomes perceptible reality—in this sense, expanse or space. In other words, as galaxies speed off they are not expanding space but simply illuminating their own paths. Until that space ahead is stimulated by friction it is a continuity of pure potential/energy that is indivisible and undetectable, either visually (eyes) or by instruments—unless you are willing to accept darkness (true Dark Matter) or seeming absence as form. The theory suggesting that the universe at some point will be drawn back to a Singularity (Crunch Theory) is false. The theory that at some time galaxies may reach so far into the distance and achieve escape velocity and thus go on forever is also incorrect. At the center of all galaxies and subatomic particles are Black Holes. Eventually they will revert the object back into the pure potential of space and time as Holes Run out of matter and energy to feed on and thus dissipate. Oh nothing is a past event—nothing is in two places at one time. All time and all places are one. The discrepancy or illusion is a product of our consciousness, which will evolve over time in ever more perceptive-ways.

(3): (Written by Stephen Lipinski) An extraordinary new paper, challenging many of our present assumptions regarding the nature of gravity.

(4): (by Joe DiMino)Very important information, added 9/8/08:

"Warning!": When the Large Hadron Collider is fired-up, science needs to proceed very cautiously. While there is real potential for discovering a means for accessing unlimited energy, there is also the potential for producing a Black Hole that would, for sure, gobble-up the earth. We already have small Black Holes--they are at the center of every particle. There is a poignant reason why Black Holes only exist very small (the nucleus of a particle) and very large (at the hub of all major galaxies), it is because any size in between is prohibited, or the Universe would persist in a constant state of chaos. Black Holes are anchors in the Fabric Of Space-and-time. They are what stabilize matter, and allow us to perceive physical form. Contrary to common belief, the universe is not comprised of smaller elements joined together forming larger masses, but is a continuity, differentiated by wave motion (the peaks of crests are what we interpret as particles). Through a Black Hole one enters a Well of infinite source/energy. If a Black Hole was created locally (near to the earth) much larger than an atom, it could anchor in the fabric of Space-and-time (unlimited potential) in such as way as to drag as our planet journeys around the sun. As the earth moves over this created Black Hole, the Black Hole would begin to feed. Once the process is started it would be uncontrollable by us. The notion that a Black Hole can be controlled or stabilized by a locally created magnetic field, as scientists at the new facility suggest, is nonsense. It would be adding fire to a furnace. (I give my permission to anyone wishing to republish this article wherever is appropriate: Joe DiMino--author of "Warning!)"For an interesting Science Fiction Short Story using this premise read:

(5): (Added by Joe DiMino 12/10/08) "At the center of all atoms, as in major galaxies is a Black Hole. It is the anchor that keeps us in the visible universe. Remove that anchor and matter goes entirely out of sight…beyond the speed of light"

(6): (by Joe DiMino 1/30/09) On the subject of the Super Collider: The notion that high-speed collisions of particles will yield discovery of an ultimate or basic particle is incorrect. The universe is One Big Particle. At the center of all particles lies a Black Hole (whipping or spinning the fabric of Space-and-time (wave form) into what we precieve as particles). All Particles, in greater reality, are part of the larger particle known to us as the universe. The amount of energy put into collisions will always equal the amount of matter (Light is also substance.The notion that Photons have no weight or possibly space is nonsense) to manifest. The process is infinite. Size has nothing to do with it. There is the potential in the smallest particle for revealing the entire universe.

(7) :Free web directory Very interesting Website to visit for Alternative Science Links:

(8): (Joe DiMino 7/17/09) Some thoughts on the subject of TIME: "Time" does not exist. It is much like math: 2+2 does not exist other than as a concept. What exists are 2 apples plus 2 apples. It is the same with Time: Time is only relevant to human consciousness (awareness), and has nothing to do with actual Matter. Time is simply a flexible concept for explaining away ignorance.

(9): (Joe DiMino 12/22/09) The notion that micro Black Holes if formed by high speed collisions in the Super Collider would evaporate nearly instantly is incorrect. This flawed assumption is due to the fact that indeed large Black Holes lose energy back into the universe (surrounding space), and toward the end of their cycles (life span) the rate of loss increases in direct proportion to diminishing size. But understanding the nature of Black Holes is far from complete, and what science does not comprehend, as in this instance, could be devastating for humanity. Size is only relative to perspective. It has nothing to do with the nature of a Black Hole. Without going deeply into Theoretical Physics I will explain it simply thus: At the center of every atom is a Black Hole. This is in fact the nucleus. Particles are crests of waves in a continuity called Space And Time. The more energy you put into collisions of atoms the more particles to be discovered. Quantities are infinite, and exotic as the various new forms of stimulation that will be discovered as knowledge evolves. Should a micro Black Hole be formed in a Super Collider the BH has the potential to maintain itself for thousands if not billions of years. The same longevities that apply to large Black Holes, as those at the center of all major galaxies, also apply to micro Black Holes. Size is simply an illusion of our consciousness. This is why I caution Scientists involved with high speed collisions to move forward cautiously. They could very easily create a Doomsday Scenario.

(10): Subject: "Cause And Effect With Karma":

Probably most interpreted are the principles of “Cause and Effect,” and that of “Karma.” Part of our human/spirit journey is expressed on the physical/spirit plane of “Cause and Effect.” “For every action there is an equal (not necessarily opposite) reaction (or equivalent on some plane of experience—they are infinite), which leads some to simplify Karma. If one murders someone, at some point in his ongoing journeys of life and death (reincarnation), the perpetrator himself will be slaughtered, a justice due for his action. Some religions require a death penalty for murder based on the Law of Karma, here and now retribution.

When one commits what society deems a crime against another (really the self as well) there is justice to be had…which society itself determines based on what is understood of Cause and Effect (which can rightfully be described as an intricate of Karma), which is always skewed by personal likes and predilections. The sources are religion and philosophy—emotion.

When a crime has been committed—a negative recognized by Creation—retribution goes far beyond the first act, into an infinite universe. If one kicks a dog—and that dog having been hurt by you bites someone else, you are guilty of not only kicking that dog but partly for the dog’s bitter action. If a person bitten dies of an infection, you have part blame of this—and if he leaves behind a wife and children that will suffer greatly for the loss, you have part blame of this. On and on the wave travels, becoming a tsunami of Karma. That drop in the pond vibrates waves out, infinitely touching all. Mercifully—this principle works also with the good deeds one accomplishes throughout life. God sees these as well, but it would take a computer the size of infinite universes combined for human’s to comprehend the proper justice. Best left to Him.

Our physical experience of Cause and Effect embodies elements of Time and Space. If one commits a negative while in the body, there are options as to places to go and time to hide while attempting to escape punishment. After death, and when in the realm of spirit (which is a form of spirit substance on the plane of spirit consciousness) (Always connected, in an essence sense, to the Cause and Effect of the apparent universe) without the dense part of one’s form, Time and Space no longer exist. Paybacks are immediate, and infinite were it not for God’s Grace of Reincarnation, a chance for soul purification. Every moment of each life is precious. We should not waste a single atom of experience—and, most important of all, any chance to express forgiveness motivated by Divine Love in Presence.

(11): Subject: "Freewill:

The most misunderstood of all concepts is that of Freewill. Most people interpret Freewill to mean, if an orange and apple are placed before me, and I have a choice as to which one I would prefer (or good or evil), then the act of my choosing is Freewill expressed. I disagree, believing that this would only be an illusion of Freewill, for I am still manipulated by the fact that I can only choose one or the other. To have Freewill my choices would need to be infinite; I would need to be able to create instantaneously before me, not only an unlimited variety of choices, but a limitless atmosphere (universe) in which to enjoy them. In fact, I would need be able to create and alter, at Will, the very form I inhabit as a sentient being. So do we have Freewill? After what I have said, I still believe we do. I believe we are far more powerful than most of us imagine; and that no power of Heaven will be denied us—and these powers will become available as we mature in consciousness. Chaos, seemingly endless pain and suffering, comes from misuse. I do not believe that it is the preference of God that we know negatives to appreciate beauty and love. Trial and error is of our own doing.

(12): "Subject":

Many seemingly unwarranted tragedies befall human beings: Unprovoked crimes against individuals—against societies; natural disasters that happen; disease striking the apparently innocent, those living healthy, moral life styles. Especially when a child is born deformed or sickly it is heartbreaking. Many seemingly guiltless people suffer terribly hideous fates. To write it all off as bad luck or the will of God who determines some must suffer so a greater good will manifest, I believe is horribly false. Likewise, that all-will-be-made-right after ascended to heaven, I think would be equally unjust—and so it shall be on earth (an enlightened, transformed earth) as it is in Heaven I believe is truth. Heaven is not up in the sky, but inside of each individual, coming forth in increments. I truly believe in a supreme being, and that God is all loving, never decreeing that anyone must suffer. I believe that suffering comes from our exercising of Freewill. It is a product of Karma.

If one walks off a cliff—he falls. If one sticks his hand in fire—he burns. God does not tell us to do these things. As shocking as it may seem, nothing comes to us that we do not invite or accept on some level, either consciously or unconsciously. Most of us do not remember the cliff and the fire from one life to next; nor do we remember the great injustices we perpetrate against nature and one another. Wrongdoing negatively affects our souls, which we carry from one life to the next. Between births if we do not accept purification (taught to us by heavenly hosts on higher planes of vibration), then we are born to situations that bring about purification. Some cleansing can only come about through a very hard life filled with tragedy, the reason being, we often cling to darkness because of ego (The Music Of The Night, so to speak), loving that which we create even when there is a better, more beautiful way. Learning to know, making mistakes is the path we have chosen to be autonomous spirits—never outside of God, and eventually having all His greatness, one with him in His infinite body. As any father or mother will say of their children, “Would we like them to be as good as us, having at least as much opportunity?”—the answer is always, if anything—greater and more. Of course, we wish them the best, and realizing the need for self expression, will always let them be what they want to be (follow their own hearts, or joy or bliss—it is all the same) as God does with all of us.

(13) Subject: Light and Dark:

There is a point to make that too few people contemplate: While dark may help us, in a sense, see the Light, and therefore both in logical progression are inseparable, dark is not necessary to see Light. It was never God’s favorite journey for his children I believe. Dark, or shadows, are entirely manmade—they are products of the lesser-ego, and as we evolve, absorb greater Light understanding, darkness will no longer be necessary for contrast. There is unending contrast, beauty, patterns, shades, so to speak, that are only of Light. Dark is a product of our freewill…it is a process that ranges from cooler time for meditation into higher vibrations of Light, to spirit-fires needed for stubborn purification that can only come about through volcanic transformation. The reasons why we feel so comfortable in dark, sometimes, even covet the blindness, declaring in it realms of mysterious, attractive beauty that dark-eyes see as enchanting refractions, is because it is our own creation. It is difficult to disavow, entirely, that which we have birthed. As God, Himself, I believe knows and understands—the reason for His timeless patience and mercy.

(14) Topic: Spirituality and Spirits:

"One does not become a Christian, especially the devout kind that is willing to die for their faith, because of something he or she has been taught in Sunday-school, or by his or her parents, or something inspiring read in book--even a book revered enough to be committed to memory. One is willing to die for faith because that faith has become a deep reality that speaks to his or her heart throughout the day. Unfortunately, all those voices are not good, and too often the listener is tricked into evil behavior. Test what your heart tells you before acting upon it. " (by Joe DiMino)

(15) Topic: Metaphysically Speaking:

Space—God’s body the invisible;

Time—God’s receptacle not exclusive;

Creation—God’s body the formative;

Christ—man’s freedom and dominion;

Karma—Cause-and-effect, also known as the Law; (by Joe DiMino)


(16) Topic: More on Light and Dark Contrasts:

One does not need dark to see light with infinite variations. We forget as humans that there are many creatures that differentiate an environment not having eyes at all but recognize by utilizing other forms of vibration attachment. And there seems to be a pervasive inclination to associate dark (night) and light (day) with good and evil—or the preferred, positive and negative—in the process romanticizing the negative into some form of acceptable necessity (as if we were only human and to err is basic) to be embraced for its good (feeling of comfort at times, away from the glare of light) (a negative’s ability to contrast and thus giving us knowledge of the positive which we would not know if not for comparison) (a extended tacit sense of comfort, for we are most comfortable with like vibration—that which is closest our own—whether it be positive or negative); not to forget the beauty of nature, revealed visually to us by contrasts—many of us believing that one must visually see the rose if we are to experience all of its elegant spirit in full blossom. Well, I am of a different opinion, believing that one does not need dark to see Light; one does not need embrace (but certainly not hate or feel guilty for) any negative aspect of one’s self (but to see and move beyond); believing that God always stays as pure Light (yet is not blinded, seeing our struggles, responding with compassion and grace) (seeing no darkness in His creations—sin—, yet Himself the full spectrum of all that exists); and to emulate God is not only within our grasp, as humans, but our destiny as we evolve ever higher in vibration which is to be ever brighter. One does not need, dark/light contrast, to know ever higher variations of Love which are the essence elements of all physical and mental phenomenon.


(17) Topic: Fate of The Universe, 7/18/2012

The new notion, implied by theoretical physicists, that galaxies will continue their outward path of separation till each seems alone in a dark universe is false. As I have explained in “Unified Theory”, our three dimensional experience (four if one thinks of Time as a dimension) is finite. Imagine an inflated balloon, and then image all vibrations (particles) within rushing outward from an exploded center toward the perimeter (a skin of flexibility)…as each particle (galaxy on the larger scale) reaches the curvature of the dome, always accelerating and moving outward, pushed down by gravity (gravity a push and not a pull or draw) it then begins to follow a path (orbit) around the center (clinging to the periphery much as a cue-ball to the cushion of a billiard table when driven with sufficient force). In time even the furthest apart will cross another’s path thus uniting the two (ultimately all)—until finally the totality of matter becomes a Black Hole which eventually relaxes back into the fabric of Four Dimensional Space-and-time. Now I must emphasize, as I have often in the past: I believe there are infinite dimensions of experience; therefore, when I say that our universe is finite I am only referring to the limited one we presently contemplate due to a lack of knowledge. There are ways beyond that flexible perimeter of the balloon (so to speak) and through the fabric of space and time where all things are possible if one has the imagination to conceive and follow. Imagination is a living dimension. If interested in a more complete understanding of my statement, read “Unified Theory” by Joseph P. DiMino

(18) Topic: Dreams

In dreams we leave the body (not entirely, still attached by a spiritual cord), distancing ourselves from the world of cause and effect. While in a higher dimension of living vibration we are able to comprehend more (very quickly—the REM Cycle of dreams), but upon awakening, reentering the body, it is very difficult to remember as our conscious vibrations have again slowed and what we saw and understand becomes a blur of motion or entirely invisible to our senses. As for what you saw and understood so simply, it is not simply in the sense of clearer or less (as in, less information) but simple because many of the necessary obstructions for earth experience (necessary for human life as we understand it—spirit is also real life, real substance but of far higher vibration) was not present during the dream. Dreams quite often show where we are spiritually. The frightening ones not meant to harm us, but to wake us up.


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