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"Bach Came Back" (by Joe DiMino)

Bach came back
Some rift in time
For a pleasant shock
(He smiled:)—
Bach was still Bach;

And then he frowned

At a Hollywood affair
The next recital
Too vulgar to bear—
(All those years
Perfecting a craft:
Tall ships,
Sails to the sky
Elevating the raft—
Spiritual development
The human psyche best
When lifted;
Something thought
Divinely gifted—
Just not fair!
Just Not fair!

Oh, the famous of the day
Were there—
Telling each other
How wonderful
Like fresh air
Great they are—
And how progressively better
(Bach thought Sewer)
(Rancid mist
Rising from streams
The side of the road
Rectum defined load)
Modern minds
Were superior by far

Bach swallowed the next
A Rap Score
Just to puke on
Their ass-backwards

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