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"Beyond a Day" (by Joe DiMino)

Beyond a day
Is a place
As much as a time—
Where the sun
A constant light for all
Its destiny fulfilled—
Joined the setting
And rising,
Affixed a new horizon—
Separation a thing of the past
Left to a universe
Of contrasts,
A tug of war
The rope
Along with its worlds tethered to
Having transcended
Winning over death
God is His New God!—

Beyond a day…
We meet openly
No need for corners
Or shadows to hide;
The light and bushel
Such dogmas climaxed—
No dark to reveal
Nor sin to confess;
Even forgiveness forgiven
For one need not pardon
When offense never taken
And the first offense
Is always the offender:
Let those masterly injured
Have at last a netherworld
With their own quick
Arrows and targets
Be projected—
I choose and new reality,
Open to a perfect

Beyond a day—
All those myths of heaven
And under the bed fears
The many dust devils
Fanned up by the clubbing with slippers
Then tossed…
Lord I dream now
But at length
I do not dream alone—
There will be more than one
Of this new nature of me,
We will be everything
The gleam of true presence—
A grace of completed
Knowledge and sharing….

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