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No part of this poetry should be reproduced in any form without written consent from the author, Joe DiMino, who retains all rights: contact

 “Cat Had a Pet”(by Joe DiMino)

Cat had a pet;
Some old dude
He met, while on patrol
His many backyards
A territorial feral;

A lap was empty,
Well used
But warm enough,
Some sandwich unfinished
Surprise!—It was tuna!
(A match seemed
Made in heaven)

Cat had a pet,
Some old dude
He met—an opportunist:
Quickly he laid claim
Though the find sat
Quite lame—
Unable to speak
Yet attentive;
Having tasty treats
Pocket full unending—
How inventive!
Quite the incentive,
Seemed a match
Made in heaven—

As seasons passed
Their relationship grew
Till the old dude due—
His chair
Now empty;
Well, not always…
An occasional cat-nap
Keeps the heat on…
Purring while dreaming
His incentive:
A warm lap
And a pocket full of treats

Surely a match
To be continued
In heaven—

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