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"Crystals" (by Joe DiMino)

Crystals-how they beguile
Us so!
Separating Light-codes of Heaven;
Her dots and dashes
In wide-screen Technicolor-
Far more complex
Inspiration we draw from
After we have finished
Merely topically reading
Printing on the night…

In truth
Our broader nature
Is that of deep gazers-
The finer exercise
Of absorption and separation;
The ascertaining of light-
The prize of
Pure essence,
As that of diamond-
Sipping soft light
Of red-passions
Our ruby flowing-
Perhaps the spirit of all eyes
Has richer vision
If sapphire-blue-
Often likened to
Sky and sea-
The upward gaze
With pronounced,
Deepening observation-
The capture of misty-beams-
Those many soul divisions
Rising clear to us,
But remaining
Dims from harmony,
Sadly blurred
When later exposed
Outside the crystal—

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