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"Feeling Furry And Whiskerish" by Joe DiMino

The old cat
talks more lately-
having learned to contort
meow to a recognizable
hello, no easy task
I am certain;
lets out a
cute, squeaky barrage
of tones
when being loveable,
quite natural for him
in his old age
mastered also
a perplexing assortment
of questioning stares,
making prolonged
eye-contact with me
the caution to do so
long gone
between us
20 for him
to my sixty-eight-
don't know how that translates,
but in many ways he seems
more spry than myself
(we are both color blind
when it comes to our
I will let you guess…
I said, questioning looks?
him seeming almost human
compared to two far younger
felines in our little family
of critters-
only he exhibiting
deep confusion
as he struggles to relate
and understand
his need for my
I think a lot more
about God-
feeling furry
and whiskerish

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