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"Freedom Worth It" (by Joe DiMino)

The eagle brought me here:
Off the dirt road
Onto the stony path--

A fresh crunch, exciting!

Downward sliding
Can be sobering;
Reminding me, to be firm
And balanced
When encroaching--

Further along, amidst boulders,
Unseen rattles and hisses
Warn me--not too close!

Cacti grab at me--holds yet barred;

Insect-drones buzz my face and ears
Grateful to them
Refraining from dispatch--
They all threaten

While accept:
As long as I
Abide by pointed rules
Respectful with the reading-

Let us buzz, they say,
We will not strike
Unless ordered;

All hooks can be a blessing
Foraging predators
Long knowing an alerting prick
Is also a costly infection--

And if you beware the hiss
We will not strike--

Most important!

When the eagle dives,
Dagger claws opening
Do not think him
An assassin, trying then
To warn the hare--

We are noble in our own
Decisive ways

And, as you, have read the rules

And attest

Freedom worth it….

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