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"Heartfelt Losses and Gains" by Joe DiMino

My cat seems worried of late:
he knows enough not to
go after game moving slowly
seeming ill or lame…
nervously eying me as I creak
out of bed, then fumble to get
the can open, and fresh water
into his dish.
I try not to talk
to myself, another sign for concern,
couching my terms consciously with,
“kitty this,
kitty that…”
making painful effort
to move fluid and robust, though the
hands and feet seem at odds with
the rest of my torso—the brain,
obviously less in charge. (However,
he is no fool
having followed many a trail, wisely
passing over the poisoned bait)
At night, he sleeps at my side, closer than ever
more accommodating, adjusting adeptly and
silently to
my constant shifting and groans—love is
strange, whether large or small
crossing species though my old psych
professor would laugh at such notion,
Universities far more instinctive than
the real world,
when it comes
true knowledge,
those of earned
losses and gains….

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