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"Hope I Still Am" (by Joe DiMino)

(A): “All poets are blessed
By God,
And God’s best poetry is
His poets…”
(Hum! Perhaps I should rethink this. To be
politically-correct, maybe I should say: “poets and Poetess’?
I’ll start again:)
(B): “All poets/poetess’ are blessed
by God,
And God’s best poetry is/are
His human writers…”
(Hum! A lot of folks feel that
animals are just as important
to God. I’d better try again:)
(C): “All God’s creatures are blessed
by God—even if they can’t write poetry…”
(That’s not going to work. Too far from my original theme. Besides,
a lot of people think God loves His plant life
and mineral kingdoms just as much as His creatures.)
(D): “All poets/poetess’/other creatures/minerals/anything I have forgotten
are blessed by God,
and Gods best poetry/prose/statements/utterances/so-on and etc….”

1: Check either: A __B __C__ D __

2: All of the above __

3: None of the above __

4: Equally loves/blesses all of His creation, ever expanding in one lump __

5: God is wondering if perhaps He/She/Them/It rested too soon…and is considering an 8th day __

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