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"I Told Her That I Love Her" (by Joe DiMino)

I told her
That I love her-
She said, "You already told me today."
I did not remember:
So I asked, "When?"
She replied, "This morning,
When you saw that was
Not quite with it-brought
Me that second cup of coffee;
Added just the right amount of sugar-
Stirred, then walked away, leaving me
To my newspaper;
You said you love me after I hung-up
From that phone call-and was visibly upset:
You smiled and asked, "With or without pepperoni?"
Then ordered us a pizza.
You say you love me
By all you don't say,
By all you don't ask
But lord knows are entitled to ask.
You say you love me
Over and over again
By the many things you do,
That come naturally to you,
Thinking they are so little
That you soon forget.
Though I love hearing you say you love me-
Just being you are often
Words enough."

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