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"If Love Looked Away" (by Joe DiMino)

If love looked away
Stars would know—

Our star

A world of stars

A world of hearts
Their loving glows—

If love looked away
Don’t tell the moon,
Heart’s sister light—

Goddess of warmth
Our Heartfelt Nights—

Where would the moon be
If love deciding to flee

No-longer feeling welcomed
By Night, Night’s
Tender, loving eye
Deciding perhaps to fly
If love looked away

Away from a world
So cold
Numb to her

If love looked away
Feeling abandoned
Having been purged
Her warmth-place gone
No loving heart
Able to love
Afraid to cry

Grown cold to her
So she left the sky

If love looked away
With a resounding

Where would love go
Where for love to go
When hearts fear too much

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