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"In For A Fight" (by Joe DiMino)

I talked to the moon
Till morning—
Same old conversation, one sided;
Just listening and shining as usual,
A distant bright;
Never a dull moment;
With that same middle-grin—
When lonely
I often turn to anyone
That will listen,
Hang around till at least dawn,
And then like my other Fair-weather-friends, the stars,
Be gone…

Never see them when it really matters—
Times of gray—
Bleaching storms—
Startles of lightning
Flickering leaves
Causing tough boughs
To roll-up their sleeves—
Every vein sensing
There will be a fight,
The dilemma of people
Pressed to self-defend
When the future of
Their free nations
Are threatened
By governance From inclement left
And inclement right…

It is not the intention
Of any
Political or religious leader
To keep you free…
Rule by me
For me
And the likes of me only…

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