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"It is God's Nature" (by Joe DiMino)

It is God’s Nature
To make waves—
One could say,
The pro and con
As are tides
And storms
A physical proof—

By the push and ebb
Is revealed
A diametrical deity

Opposite to freedom
For every action
A choice seemingly
Already predicated
By some prior motion
A law complete
Only if existing reality enough—

But if needing independence
Of troughs and peaks
(Ridged axioms),
Desiring separation from
Dips and crests—
Our common sea of experience—
There is a conflict
Oceans apart…

No true abolition
If strings to the source
With puppeteer’s knot;

The rise
And crashing down
Often unforgiving
As a sentence—
If truly alive
There must be
An unsteady state
Of destruction
And not construction

And man not
A creator’s invention
But God as Man—
His own
Imagined into being—
The ultimate awareness—
A worship out of himself,
Always evolving
Toward higher purification
Of form,
Greater for
The independence
And not
The principle….

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