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"Knock! Knock!" (by Joe DiMino)

Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
An 800 hundred pound politician.
Shall I let him in?
No choice.
Him/her, don't know which.
Some of them answer to either.
What does it want?
Everything! Your soul!
Capitalization of Abortion (no right to opt-out).
Can't be true!
They are compassionate Socialists.
Yes!--but they Capitalize also:
On poverty, fear;
A couple may live in the Capital--
Soon to Capitalize all God.
Gonna put the big G
Entirely in control of
The big C:
Congress soon to come out
With a God-bill; Green-God-doctrine
To be taught in schools
To the nation's malleable children;
After-all, educating children
Is a Socialist-dictator's insurance (Amendment 101)--
Anything Considered but Christian
Don't want unbending reeds
That won't flow
As all the leafy-rules
With direction of
The next manufactured

The deterrent--rowing makes you sweat;

Going against the current

Makes you drip in the water

Subject for another

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