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"Little Angel Atop Our Tree" (by Joe DiMino)

The little angel atop our tree--
Many seasons now
Baby Christs born--
She has aged somewhat
And so have we
Growing into liberty…

The little angel
Atop our tree--
Somehow I sense her
Greater to be--
A star of heaven
Traveling along,
Helping continue us on--
Guardian angel!
Most beautiful angel!
Singing her song…

Angel so bright
Angel so pure
Angel our light
Guard and secure
Heaven adores you
Your love beyond season
God adores you
We adore you
His Son adores you
You love without reason…

Patiently you sit
Atop our tree
Serving in all capacity
Teaching us to give
To receive
To live
To die
But shortly grieve
Death is the Son's tree
Of resurrection--
Shedding speckled ornaments
For new green
And growth
Of ever higher perfection…

Angel of love
God cherishing
Below and above
Angel without darkness
And from out night
You shine in our firmament
Forever His light….

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