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"Memorial Day" (by Joe DiMino)

Planets warned
A distant traveler
Not to come
Too near-
Risk being drawn in,
Burned up;
The nature
Of atmosphere;

Even those
Tilling our soils,
Fishing our seas,
All of those
We aim to please
Know at times
Of Nature-wraths,
Tears on trails
Where broken paths;

Yet some
Have made it down,
Now buried deep
In hallowed ground;
Seeing in bright
A chance
To lift men
Predetermined to be free;
As miracle
Streak across the sky
Lofty spark
To capture eye;
Strengthen the heart
Of one about
To die;
Calling others
With battle cry
To do war's
Horrible deed-
Though you fall
He is raised
And with God
Will speed;

So little shooter-
Light weapon drawn-
If passing too near
Linger in sky-
While we thirst-
And then follow
As we do Christ;
Unselfishly give
Pay ultimate
For others
To freely

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