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"My Own Myopic Place" (by Joe DiMino)

Excluding those
Non believers,
The temptation
For others
Is to seek you
As a definite;

Try spotting you
As science
To a book;
When in thought
A handy

While in truth
You are
Living word: never
Still—traveling with

Deep into corners—

As light
Fills a room
At a flick released…
And when a window
Opened, expands,
Swells out
Into dark

But yet no loss;

The dark does not
Swallow in
Consuming the

At greater distance
The alien spies
An earthling’s torch—

But the glower
Sees only far
As his near

A unified theory
Of particles—

Excluding consciousness
A fallacy

For there is always the slice
To contend with—

The tool that does
The slicing
And then,

The unknowable
Space between—

There is always space
When division…

One’s consciousness—
Not time
Nor space,
But his own
Myopic place,

An evolutionary
Need for

The illusion
And not
The fact….

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