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"Nightmares" (by Joe DiMino)

Tonight I will write of Nightmares--
Not of content, both vague and concentrated,
Nor of hour--for the sun and moon
In such dreams collide;

But I will write of darker cloaks,
And still paler vales;

Of the start when uncovering
Gray intangible corpse--
The breathless Falling away
In downward spiral,
Penetrating infamous depths--

The oozing out of soul that comes from
Pitiless boring--

Awakened for a froth of panic--

Remember? No!
One does not retain such things,

A blessed mind in this way
Knows best what to keep
From one’s cowardly-self--
Things that cannot be explained
In calm defense
Or even brave defiance--

Wisely refraining from
Dark-whispers unthinkable;

Hermetically sealing
The bloodless tissues of lost-time,

Rabid flickering of the spirit--

Lengths of unholy secrets
We guardedly compress as REM--

Those shortened moments
But of infinite elasticity
Where all men fatally snap
But God brilliantly stretches on….

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