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"Not So Modern Modern Man" (by Joe DiMino)

When did religion become
A dirty word?—
A psychologist replied:
Tuition was his introduction;
Replied a theater director:
Easier to get them to pay
For less than righteous play:
Sex without commitment quickly sells—
Without the frills
Of exotic fragrance
And flowers
A courtship before romance—
Suffices the basic animal smells
It is always lower than the heart
On man that which first swells;
The same applies to poetry
And visual arts—
Once ethereal airs
Now lowly elevations
Contradicting physics
A thinner atmosphere
A soon forgotten lightning
The attractions mere sparks
Quick warmth for
Those happy to settle
For cheap lighters
And ignitable farts:
One ought to ask,
When did modern civilization
Start to decline?—
The Romans had theirs…
The Renaissance had theirs…
And modern man
His computer a must
Will soon also bust:
Now touted by many
To replace Godly Mind
On hot examination
A hell of a fallacy
Will find
Not truth {a spiritual science}
But more blind faith
Of a worldly kind….

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