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"Our Father" (by Joe DiMino)

Our Father--Supreme Lover;
Soul creator-spirit-essence
And protector;
Substance and source
Of all being;
His Heaven forever
Reigning above,
And thus,
By Divine nature
Of mystic-blood--
Extremity of Earth--
Our relationship as His Children
We come to know
By harvest of good crops
When in His perfect image
We obediently sow;

But this is not a Tyrant-rule--
More one of Father
That wishes even greater
For the Son--
And having all
His giving is never done;
His duty and devotion
And externally
Always just begun;
As He lifted, and holds
The lights above,
He holds man
In time transfigured
To offspring of Pure-love--
Immortal lights--
Second to only Him,
The Highest Bright;
His Christ--Transformed Man
To conquer and accrue,
To all subjects ascribed
Be guardian and true--

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