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"Planets Are Different As People" (by Joe DiMino)

Planets are different as people—

The denser forms,
Like that of our earth,
Having solid hearts,

Steel blood
Liquid and red-glowing—

I think of my own heart—

How I have struggled
To soften
To make pliable
In a loving sense—

My own blood
Warmly coursing
Feeding the fauna of man-flesh—

The tactile part of me
If one worships
Only hands—

I think of trees
And lakes—
All exterior surfaces
We travel together—

But soon
I am back at the core—
The compacted
Pressure within
That grounds us
Even more deeply—
I listen to a gurgling voice,
Grunts and groans
Of tectonics—
What strange symphony
Is this? Driving me in
And not out;
These rumbling bowels of ours,
A shared indigestion
Old as time….

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